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The fastest and easiest way to create, share and track your band Set List Check out all the features included.

BandSetList.com provides a simple sweet sharable single historic way to create your band set list.

Finally a way to track your band's songs and how many times you've played them. Easily create a set using a simple drag and drop interface. Also, if you use the QSC Touchmix you can integtate your setlist into your favorite DAW using our Touchmix SET appliction.

Set List Features

Custom Public Home Page

Customize this home page with your own hero image and a description of your band.

Shareable Setlist with Comments

Share your setlists with a link on any Social Media type site with comments for each song.

Import Song List

Easily import your current song list using our Excel template. Download template here.

Drag & Drop Interface

Simple drag & drop interface for quickly and easily creating your set list.

TouchMix Integration

If you record your gigs using the QSC Touchmix, you can now integrate your set list with your Touchmix recordings and our Touchmix SET application to import your raw recordings to your favorite DAW. Download the Windows application here. (Sorry Mac users... Hopefully we'll have a application for you sometime soon.)

Give It A Try

Click the "SIGN IN" link above to login using a test account to see how it works.

Coming Soon

Integration with OnSong so you can load your set list right into your OnSong iPad/Anroid app for your gigs.

Example Videos And Music